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Redefining the wedding planning experience, Into the Blush is a beautifully curated, modern get-real guide to planning your wedding seamlessly from proposal to honeymoon.

we are Here to Celebrate Every Couple and Their Real-As-Ever Weddings.

into the blush is...

APPROACHABLE, but never careless 
AUTHENTIC, but never rude 
CONFIDENT, but never arrogant 
DOWN-TO-EARTH, but never indifferent 
ELEVATED, but never elitist 
EMPOWERING, but never forceful 
EXPERT, but never self-indulgent 
FRIENDLY, but never overly tender 
HONEST, but never brash 
INCLUSIVE, but never catch-all 
INSIGHTFUL, but never self-important 
INSPIRATIONAL, but never lofty 
PERSONAL, but never flippant 
PLAYFUL, but never elementary 
POSITIVE, but never forced 
SOPHISTICATED, but never pretentious 
WARM, but never affected

As a wedding planner who believes in celebrating every modern love story, I wanted to create a wedding planning platform that is as inclusive as it is beautiful.

Because I believe in bridging the gap and that all couples deserve to be seen, inspired, and celebrated.

I’ve always been someone who wants to do things differently. I live in a tiny house in the Pacific Northwest. I spend my winters in Baja Sur, Mexico. I planned my own wedding for less than $20k. I try to choose a different path because I don’t want to have a typical story and, I don’t think you do either.  

As a wedding and event planner for 14 years (how is that even possible?), I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the most madly, deeply in love couples. Their stories are what fuels me and have motivated me to time to create a space centered on celebrating confident, creative, diverse & down-to-earth couples!

In a time where it feels like people plan their weddings just for the ‘gram, I know there is so much more to the world of weddings—so much more to you! My hope is that Into the Blush inspires you as much as you inspire me. Come for the unforgettable inspiration and stick around for the inclusive, real-talk approach to wedding planning—curated for and accessible to all! 

hello! I'm Stephanie.

the voice behind into the blush

Just like the content we share, our voice is all about balance. We balance inspiration and experience with relatability and authenticity in our every communication. While we’re confident in our role as event experts and industry pros, we’re also honest, engaging, transparent, and—above all—human.




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Brand Ambassador

now hiring

Brand Ambassador

now hiring

Brand Ambassador

here's what you can expect

In an aesthetics-driven industry with so many voices pushing perfection, the Into The Blush brand voice is a much-needed breath of fresh air. We won’t tell you event planning is easy or promise perfection—but we will guide you through making the process seamless, approachable, and do-able. Our communication gives you both the stunning and the substance behind it. We’re open, honest, and generous with the advice we offer, the behind-the-scenes peeks we provide, and the in-depth interviews we conduct. You won’t find promised perfection or empty aesthetics at Into The Blush—but you will find substantive content paired with a tone that’s real, relatable, and fresh. 

It is not perfection-driven.

All are welcome with open arms at Into The Blush. From the inclusivity pledge our vendors uphold to the diverse representations of love we feature as inspiration and real weddings, we are incredibly passionate about ensuring all are included, represented, and empowered on our platform. Love isn’t limited to a certain gender, ethnicity, or ability—and our content isn’t either. Above all, though, our diversity and inclusivity efforts are so much more than empty lip-service or boilerplate paragraphs that are void of personality—we communicate our unwavering passion (and serious love!) for love of every kind in a way that’s authentic and legitimate. We love nothing more than celebrating love in all of its beautiful forms—and we’re proud to shout that from the rooftops every chance we get.

It is all about accessibility and inclusivity.

At Into The Blush, professionals are always approachable and experts are always inviting. Whether we’re writing an email campaign or speaking one-on-one with a bride or groom, we use a tone that’s personal, human, and real. Through intimate interviews and honest conversations with vendors, we feature content that’s incredibly engaging and highly personal. Our content and communications are about so much more than a faceless CTA or surface-level blog post—we get in front of the camera; we grab the mic with purpose; we allow couples to see, hear, and connect with us; and we pull back the curtain as we invite them to feel our passion and learn about the labor of love that is being a wedding vendor or industry expert. 

It emphasizes a deep personal connection and common ground.

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