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Just like the content we share, our voice is all about balance. We balance inspiration and experience with relatability and authenticity in our every communication. While we’re confident in our role as event experts and industry pros, we’re also honest, engaging, transparent, and—above all—​human​.

We’re here to breathe some fresh air into the way you plan your wedding. Get ready for real-talk resources, honest advice straight from vendors, and some seriously dreamy design to go with it. Who’s with us? 

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At Into The Blush, professionals are always approachable and experts are always inviting. Through intimate interviews and honest conversations with vendors, we feature content that’s incredibly engaging and highly personal. Our content and communications are about so much more than a faceless CTA or surface-level blog post—we get in front of the camera; we grab the mic with purpose; we allow couples to see, hear, and connect with us; and we pull back the curtain as we invite them to feel our passion and learn about the labor of love that is being a wedding vendor or industry expert.

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If you’re most excited about working with couples who share your passion about equality and diversity, our Vendor Collective is how you connect with them. Your membership includes a listing in our online directory, an optimized profile as well as everything you need to show off your style, grow your brand, and increase your online presence! No more being lost in a never- ending sea of options—the Into The Blush couple is looking for something very specific and those are the only couples we serve.

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The couples here at Into The Blush are looking for rich experiences throughout their wedding planning journey and that absolutely extends into their honeymoon planning. And if you run a hotel, resort or boutique destination that speaks to a creative, confident, and ready-to-revel couple, our Honeymoon Collection is where you need to be. With a profile that makes it easy for you to share a property description, list your amenities, and showcase your honeymoon packages, you can connect with couples who already have their bags packed.



A custom newsletter dedicated to your brand and message sent to vendors or brides. 

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EMAIL Inclusion Or Blast


Have ITB help promote your event or show! Receive an event listing online and social media promotion.



Brand focused article created by IMB with your provided materials and promoted online. 



Dedicated content designed for your brand or company including copy, photos and promotion.



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5+ Instagram Story slides with custom messaging tailored to your brand including up to 2 swipe-up call-to-actions



Have ITB help promote your services, products and experiences with a custom post on ITB’s Facebook feed



Creation of 5-10 customized graphics promoting your content



Partner with ITB for a week-long online giveaway to promote your product or company with a customized social media campaign



Includes promotion of your brand/specific event or experience on 2 platforms of your choosing:
Instagram: 5+ story posts
1 feed post Facebook
2-3 custom posts Pinteres
5-10 customized graphics promoting your content YouTube
1-2 video/trailers (perfect for tutorials and DIYs)
Spotify: a 2-3 hour custom playlist for your event
Twitter: 2-3 custom posts



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